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The largest transfer of wealth in human history is happening right now, and you're the target.

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The Great Devaluation

Learn How You Can Embrace, Prepare, and Profit From The Fed’s Inflationary Attack

“Inflation will change everything,
and it’s the rich who are being targeted.”

– Adam Baratta

From: Adam Baratta
Meadowbrook, PA

Are you worried about the impact of INFLATION on your portfolio?

CONSIDER THIS: 40% of all US dollars ever created in history have been created in just the last year...

We are currently witnessing the single greatest transfer of wealth in human history – and it has nothing to do with any robberies, heists, or cyber hacks.

This transfer of wealth is happening in plain sight, orchestrated by the US Federal Reserve, and it is NOT consensual...

The Fed is coming after your savings...

And You Can Use Their Actions To Create Generational Wealth

The Great Devaluation is a prophecy unfolding in real time...

In its pages, I explain why the Federal Reserve, a central bank once focused on pushing financial assets higher, has changed course and now has a new agenda: “transferring wealth” from the rich to the poor.

It’s a regime change, with a focus on creating inflation. 

This new regime will decimate traditional portfolios left unprotected from the current direction.

Take advantage of the rigged system! My book shows you HOW.

The New Federal Reserve Is
No Longer The Investor's Friend...

For those looking for proof of change, it used to be that the market was made up of either bulls or bears...

But we now have bulls, bears, and apes.

Where bulls anticipate uptrends and buy, and bears anticipate downstrends and sell, apes anticipate nothing and treat assets like shiny things, trading based on headlines and hype to play with, gnaw at, and throw away...

This new species of "apes" has been directly created by the money printing of the Federal Reserve, whose catastrophic manipulation has altered the investing ecosystem forever.

Welcome to the real-life Planet of the Apes!

The Great Devaluation

Is Not For Apes, It's For Investors

  • Already accumulated wealth...
  • Worked tirelessly to save and build a legacy for you and your family’s future through traditional strategies...
  • ​Searched for the best way to preserve and grow that wealth in the new inflationary age...
If so, this book was written specifically for you. And it comes with a warning…

There has been a regime change at the Federal Reserve, and the new 'Equality Fed' is coming after you and your money!

That means that you are the TARGET, and when you have a bullseye on your back, I believe there is only one smart thing to do: MOVE.

This Is Happening Now...

President Biden and the progressive left are working hand in hand with the Federal Reserve. The results:
  • $5 trillion in deficit spending as a result of Covid-19.
  • $2 trillion more in deficit spending for infrastructure.
  • ​$6 trillion budget proposed for 2022.
  • ​$28 trillion national debt (on pace to hit $40 trillion by 2025).
  • ​​$8 trillion Fed balance sheet (on pace to hit $15 trillion by 2025).
All of which must somehow be paid for...

The United States brings in roughly $3.4 trillion in tax revenues but now spends nearly double that.

The secret that no one will tell you is that there's only one way to pay for this... with devalued dollars, otherwise known as INFLATION.

And what comes next will decimate the portfolios and savings of anyone not prepared for it...

It’s all inside the pages of this #1 bestseller, which you can claim FREE for a limited time today. 

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When You Get My Best Selling Book For FREE... You'll Discover...

  • How to Embrace, Prepare and Profit from the Coming Global Monetary Reset
  • Why the Turning of the Supercycle is the Key to Predicting the Future
  • How Millennials and Gen Z are the New Drivers of Change and Why Inflation is the Engine
  • ​​Why Stocks Could Double and Investors Would Still Lose Money
  • ​How You Can Build Generational Wealth from the Great Devaluation
And so much more...

“Inflation will change everything,
and it’s you who will pay the price.”

– Adam Baratta


Everyone who claims their free book immediately receives my 90 minute 'The Great Devaluation' video presentation!

This sold-out live presentation started it all...

It was so powerful that a publisher in attendance insisted on using it as the foundation for what went on to become the #1 bestselling financial book of the same name.

Mark Twain said: “History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme...”

Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repeat It!

Fortunately, The Great Devaluation has not forgotten...
Everything that is coming has happened before...

There is a MASSIVE crisis happening in front of our very eyes.

Think about it...

Biden is on pace to double the debt of Trump, who doubled the debt of Obama, who doubled the debt of Bush, who doubled the debt of Clinton.

Our debt is now growing EXPONENTIALLY. The asymptote means it’s too late to solve the problem. Our debt is now UNCONTAINABLE...

But those who take advantage and act now will reap MONUMENTAL profits with the essential information inside The Great Devaluation.

Claim your free #1 bestseller today to position your portfolio for profit during the Fed’s inevitable financial attack.
But those who take advantage and act now will reap MONUMENTAL profits with the essential information inside The Great Devaluation.

Claim your free #1 bestseller today to position your portfolio for profit during the Fed’s inevitable financial attack.

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What Others Are Already Saying About 'The Great Devaluation'

"Adam Baratta Unveils The NEXT BIG SHORT..."

“I lost a lot of money in the stock market crash in 2008. Probably like many. After I saw the movie the Big Short I was f*@%ng pissed!!! I could have easily avoided this with behind the scene knowledge. The ‘higher ups’ knew what was going on all along. Wall Street knows more than we do and unless we admit this we will be fooled again. Adam Baratta discloses all of the government's and Wall Street's smoke and mirrors and unveils the NEXT BIG SHORT.”

– Mark Huffman

"Wish I Had Known… I’d Be Several Times Ahead..."

“I so wish that I had known about and read [Adam’s] book before I started investing!! I'd probably be several times ahead of where I am right now.”

– Patrick Gavin Church

"Kudos To Mr. Baratta..."

“I'm even more positive about my decision but now I feel like I'll be able to ask the right questions… Never like feeling uneducated when I invest and now… I won't be. Kudos to Mr. Baratta.” 

– Anthony Chargin

"Only Regret… Not Following These Markets..."

"My only real regret is that I did not start following these markets a long time ago rather than to listen to the main street Financial Planners which all read from the same script."  

– Jairo Vanegas

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